Customer Storyboard

Customer Story Board

Danji’s Customer Storyboard is built on ethnographic data that is collected out by specialists. Qualified behavioural scientists, anthropologists, linguistics, and sociologists analyse the ethnographic data that serve as a base for your customer storyboard. They will bring to light which behaviours, emotional drivers, and thoughts that affect your business.

With a Customer Storyboard, you are able to go beyond quantitative data metrics to contextualise customer behaviour. Danji will help you to understand why customers act the way they do in order to predict future behaviour.

Your visualised Customer Storyboard will become the customer experience manual for your company. It will give your organisation clear, actionable insights about your customers that will help your company in both its strategic and operational work. The result is a longer value chain and deepened loyalty from your customers in every customer touchpoint.

Danji’s customer storyboard has been crucially valuable for companies’ financial, strategic, and branding work.