Take control of your competitive factor. 

With Danji, your company will see increases in customer and employee loyalty, higher turnover and sales, and a radically improved customer and employee satisfaction.



Our work has been a game changer for our clients. Now it’s time for you to take control over your biggest competitive advantage – the experience.

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Customer Storyboard

The complete guide to how your customer thinks, speaks and acts. Deeper insights into your customer and their experience will help you act quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Employer Storyboard

Your guide to what cultural and structural factors make your company's employee experience. With this crucial information you can increase employer engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

The Experience Gap

We help you map out how well your company meets your customer's emotions, motivations, and needs to quickly become market leaders.

Exit Interviews

Make Exit interviews part of your business strategy, and not just a part of the off-boarding process. Danji's interview specialists will help you get key information from your departing employees and will conduct the interviews professionally and with high levels of empathy.

Patient Experience

As patients become increasingly empowered patient experience has become more important than ever before. Danji's expertise in patient experience will boost empathy and patient driven innovation for improved patient satisfaction now and in the future.

Social Listening

Get quick, actionable insights through an analysis of what your customers are saying on social media. A quick and easy way to gauge the business landscape where your customer speaks on their terms.