Customer Storyboard Danji

Customer Storyboard

Get to really know your customers through a Customer Storyboard. Danji's linguistic and behvarioural analysts will help you to understand customer behaviour, what motivates them, and what they value the most in their relationship with you.

exitsamtal danji

Exit Interviews

A mindful off-boarding process is just as important as a great on-boarding process, not only for employee wellbeing but also to gain insights about your organisation. Danjis expert interviewers will conduct professional and empathetic exit interviews that leave exiting co-workers feeling heard. Additionally, you will be left with actionable insights analysed by our team of specialists.

Social Listening Danji

Social Listening

Recieve key insights about what is being said about your company on the internet. Danjis team of digital analysts will help you extract and analyse the data with the help of Natural Language Processing Tools and Artificial Intelligence.

Employer Storyboard Danji

Employer Storyboard

An employer storyboard gives you deep insights about your employees. Instead of a conventional employee survey you get, through Danji's employer storyboard, answers to the what and why of employee behaviour. 

The experience gap Danji

Patient Experience

With increased patient autonomy and empowerment, patient experience is more important than ever. A deep understanding the entire patient journey across organisational barriers will enable you to design a better patient experience. Give your team the tools they need to create an empathetic and seamless patient journey.